Characterized at times as goofy, quirky, high energy, and hilarious, and yet at others as vulnerable with both a depth and a darkness, Kevin does his best to breathe life into to all daily interactions. His enthusiastic nature is quick to spread to those around him, as he brings great passion and creativity to anything he is involved in. His empathy towards others, and his focus towards communication and understanding brings a sincere, genuine quality to both Kevin's life and his work. Yet when the scales of justice are imbalanced, his passion wears another mask in fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. The things that move him most are music, food, and feeling. He has followed his passions all over the world, traveling often, and as far as Tokyo, Japan.


Kevin carries dual citizenship of both the USA and Ireland. He continues to work diligently to sharpen his skills, and regularly attends workshops and seminars, cultivating his relationships with the industry's leading members. He is excited for the future, and hungry for the knowledge, experiences, and opportunities that it holds

He’s also very grounded, and one of most understanding people I’ve run across. He knows he has talent, but he also is able “to recognize greatness” in someone else. He knows that acting is all about relationships and struggle, and believes that the more you understand yourself, the more you can use it in your work.
— Interview with Chris Hlad
To me, though, the great and pleasurable surprise is the performance of Duffin, a Philadelphia actor with D.C. roots. Although all of his characters (he plays four) are original comic invention, his signal accomplishment is to wrap the merciless tyrant Saturninus with an air of wounded victimhood. In so doing, he reminds us, as Bad Bill reminded us four hundred years ago, that all bullies are at bottom comic, and accordingly without significance.
— Tim Treanor, DC Theatre Scene
Kevin Duffin is a particular delight, taking impish glee in his characters and perfecting a winking self-awareness about the proceedings.
— Emma Poltrack,The Examiner